Marcus Sanders:

Marcus was born and raised in Waco, Texas. Marcus childhood was marked by his Dad who was a DJ. As a result Marcus spent countless hours listening to his Dad’s album collection and his being exposed him to all types of music. Marcus infatuation with music was fulfilled while playing sports. It was playing basketball that led him to meet Roderick, Russell, and Tony. This friendship forged the path that allowed Marcus to fulfill his passion as a member of the group HI-FIVE. As a member of the group HI-FIVE, Marcus enjoyed success. HI-FIVE signed a recording contract with Jive/RCA in 1989. HI-FIVE recorded three albums, shot numerous videos, toured and performed all around the world. Marcus currently leads MacDO Enterprises. This company affiliates local talent around the central Texas area. It incorporates artists and their music on film, giving them a chance to expose their creative efforts.

Treston Irby:

Treston Irby better known as Trus is an R & B singer/songwriter. He grew up in the Bronx, New York. In his youth, he was able to develop his vocal skills by singing in the high school and local church choir. Trus was also interested in sports and was a second baseman for the high-school baseball team. Ultimately his love for music won out and while singing at Stevenson high-school during a gospel concert, Vinny Bell heard Trus and gave this sixteen year old the opportunity to relocate to Waco, Texas and join the group HI-FIVE as a member. HI-FIVE enjoyed success with a recording contract with Jive and 10 Top hits on Billboards Top 100 along with two #1 hits on Billboards R & B.

Shannon Gill:

Shannon Ray Gill Sr. grew up and resided in Waco, Texas. Shannon and Tony Thompson were life-long friends and Gil joined as the group as a member. Singing and entertaining has always been Shannon’s’ passion. Shannon continues to honor HI-FIVE’s original success and the life of Tony Thompson. Every June Shannon hosts an event that is both a tribute and a celebration in Texas tp insure that HI-FIVE and Tony’s legacy will continue for future generations.

Billy Covington:

Introducing Billy Covington a.k.a. “B”. Billy joins the HI Five legacy
bringing along his soulful voice, incredible writing, and production skills. B’s smooth vocals and sexy melodies have captured the music industry for many years. Billy grew up listening to his father’s huge record collection, and was influenced by the sounds of, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Quincy Jones. Billy is also a sports lover, and a gifted basketball player. After graduating from Binghamton High School, he attended West Virginia State University, but was soon consumed by the music bug, and opted to move to NJ to pursue a career in music. Billy has worked closely with industry personalities such as Eddie F, Donell Jones, Sheldon “So” Goode, and the Grammy award winning Darren Lighty. Being a NY native, Billy has honed his skills performing in local clubs like Nells, Webster Hall, and Village Underground. With the welcome addition of this talented artist, Hi Five will continue to bring the classic hits that made them a household name, as well as pave a new road for today’s R&B fans
to travel.

Faruq Evans:

Faruq, the newest member of Hi-Five is a singer and songwriter. He is a NY native with a passion for classic soul and traditional R&B. Since a very young age, he has been a part of the local live scene. Inspired by many great musical influences, such as his mother, father, Stevie Wonder, and Mint Condition just to name a few. Faruq has been performing at Ashford & Simpson’s famous Sugar Bar to the Key Club in New Jersey, fund raisers, and as an opening act for artists such as Melissa Morgan. Faruq’s velvety smooth soulful voice leaves his audience captivated, mesmerized and speechless, always desiring more! Many have experienced the powerful, soulful and captivating voice of Faruq. There are no limits to the true talent of this young and gifted artist.